Friday, March 29, 2013

Crispy seaweed salmon rolls

Shop: Sushi Take Out
Went to Sushi Take Out to get some sushi for later and saw these interesting long rolls.

Usually they are sliced into smaller rolls but there were three long ones inside the box.

The Hang Hau branch is quite small but there is a mini sushi factory behind the window.

Crispy seaweed salmon rolls:
When I took them out I assumed they were already wrapped, but the seaweed sheet was separated from the rice.
You have to remove the film and roll it yourself.

The design is so that the seaweed is crispy when you eat it.
They reminded me of the hand rolls at the local convenience stores where you remove the plastic and wrap the seaweed on the rice.

Anyway the salmon rolls tasted really nice especially since the seaweed was crispy, after adding soy sauce and wasabi it tasted even better.

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