Sunday, March 03, 2013

Slightly confused by their sandwiches: Boulangerie Bistronomique

Boulangerie Bistronomique (Western District)

On my last visit I tried the Mille Feuille which was OK because it reminded me of the cakes I had as a kid but it was too sweet with the custard and I would have preferred plain cream instead of the custard.

This time I came back for the Tete de cochon sandwich which is only served from 12-3pm.

I wanted to try the Bahn mi because of the pate and the Tete de cochon because I have always wanted to try the pig's head.

For the sandwich sets they come with two sides and you can choose from: salad, soup or crisps (chips in French).
Bahn mi:
[Vietnamese pork pate/Liver pate/pickles/coriander/chili pepper]

When it came, it looked Vietnamese style because of the coriander, carrots and pickled vegetables, however when I took a look at the fillings it had sliced pork trotters which was not on the menu.

The taste of the pate was ok, but the sliced pork trotters/ears ruined it for me because I hate them.
Vietnamese sausage would be a more appropriate ingredient instead of the pork trotter slices.
Tete de cochon:
[Pigs head terrine/gribiche sauce/pickle pepper/mustard]

I was really looking forward to this because I have always wanted to try the pork brain.To my horror I could already see sliced pork trotter from the edges.

When I took a look at the fillings there were more disgusting pork trotters/sliced pigs ears again which was not listed on the ingredients.

The meatier item on the left of the picture could have been the brain but it tasted like Ox's tongue and they said it was meant to be terrine but it didn't look like terrine at all and where was the jelly?
Although the soup tasted nice, but as a carrot soup it lacked the taste of carrot.
The crisps were quite salty but luckily they were fresh.
Basically it was rocket leaves in vinaigrette which tasted ok.

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