Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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iPot - The Shabu Shabu Expert (Tin Hau)

This is a newly opened Taiwanese style individual shabu shabu with all you can eat sides and drinks.

Basically you choose a soup base which comes with meat at different prices.

When I read reviews on this place there were three that caught my attention: tomato soup base, Hokkaido soup base and the curry soup base.

As I was not sure how spicy the curry would be I did not choose that, but the tomato was tempting because at the end you can make risotto from it, but in the end I picked the Hokkaido soup.

Basically the food selection is at the front of the restaurant, with the vegetables on one side, drinks and sauces by the window and a separate fridge with dumplings, tofu etc.

I liked the way the tables were designed because you could neatly fit two hotpots on one table.

Hokkaido soup base:

Here was my delicious hokkaido soup base which was lovely and milky.
I was worried it might be too milky but it was delicious because there was pork broth in it as well.
There were wolfberries and red dates in it too.
After blanching the greens in it, the broth tasted even better and I kept drinking it and it was refilled for me.
I really liked their refills because they refill with broth and not water which makes it bland.
I was quite satisfied with my broth base because I did not need to use the sauce much.
As well as the Hokkaido broth I tried the Japanese sukiyaki soup base which had sake but I found it too sweet and buttery because there was quite a lot of butter in it.

Most people chose beef but I chose the chicken which was the cheapest and I prefer chicken.
The chicken was marinated in soy sauce, garlic and spring onions and it was chicken thigh meat too so it was extremely tender and silky.
My selections:

Here is a picture my dumplings and vegetables.
The sakura prawn cake was really nice because the sakura shrimps in it were crispy.
Taiwanese fruit beer (Pineapple):

I have never liked beer but this tasted really nice, it tasted better than other fruit beers at that alcohol volume.
It only had a hint of beer which made it easier to drink and the percentage of alcohol was quite low at 2.8%.
This is not included in the meal but it was worth trying.
There were other flavours too: lychee, mango and grape.

The ice-cream was such a good way to end the hotpot meal because it was therapeutic and cools the tongue.
It probably does not happen to anyone else but I always scald my tongue when I have hotpots.
I would recommend choosing chocolate or coffee because by the end of the hotpot your tongue is so burnt you need a strong taste to revitalize it!

That night they had abalone slices with salad cream.
Water or tea offered at the drinks bar would be great.
Some of the vegetables could be trimmed because they were like big plants when you got them from the vegetables selection.
I cannot wait to come again and I am gutted I missed the Taiwanese black pudding on the menu because it seems the only place in Hong Kong that you can get Taiwanese black pudding 豬血糕!!
I wonder if it tastes like black pudding...

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