Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pork chop bun set @ 大玩町

Shop: 大玩町
Address: Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

This was an unplanned visit because I was intending to get Dairy Queen again but needed something as a filler first.

The pork chop bun set includes apple tea, pork chop bun, Portuguese tart and a pork chop bun for $29 which is quite cheap being right in the middle of a tourist spot.
Macau is famous for pork chop buns and the famous ones cost around $35+ each.

Pork chop bun:

The pork chop bun was freshly made and piping hot.
The bread they used was crispy and soft and the taste was yeasty.
The pork chop inside was tender.
Although the pork chop bun was not from a famous joint, it tasted quite nice.
Portugese tart:

The tart size was quite small and cute.
The tart was flakey and the the tart filling was lovely and eggy.
The sweetness was just right.
Apple drink:

The sweetness of the drink was just right but the taste of apple was quite artificial.

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