Sunday, March 03, 2013

Let's go party!! Rave or Crave for food at MIX

Mix - Food & Bar (灣仔)
A few months ago I saw this interesting black logo across the road from HSBC and it reminded me of rave parties and designs.

As it was not on street level I soon forgot about it and was reminded of it when I saw the new restaurant listings on OpenRice.

Anyway finally went there for lunch.

The entrance is black, and inside the restaurant it is decorated with lots of neon lights and pretty chandeliers.

Inside the restaurant, they have a huge seating capacity, there are two sides to the restaurant with a bar for alcoholic drinks.

The staff have T-shirts printed with the logo, and there was one that had bling bling crystals on the back which was extremely sparkling.
I think the sparkling logo looks better on the front!
I wouldn't mind having a T-shirt studded with crystals like this because I really love the wings on the logo!

Basically they serve sets at $48 which include bread, soup, mains, and a drink.

The choices were the typical choices you find at Cha Chaan Tengs, there were four choices that day:
Chicken with sausage
Russian fish
Hungarian Beef
Pork in breadcrumbs

I didn't know what the Russian fish was so I just ordered the chicken and beef.

After ordering, I was surprised that the food came really quick because new restaurants are quite slow and disorganized.

The bread was heated, it was fresh and soft.
It came with Lurpack butter too.

Spinach soup:
The soup tasted quite nice with generous pieces of spinach in it, however the flour taste in the soup was a bit too strong.

Vegetable soup:
This was the typical vegetable soup served at Chinese restaurants with cabbage, tomatoes and peppers.
The taste was appetizing.

Chicken leg with sausage and chips:
The chicken leg was huge and I loved the rich gravy that was on top of it.
The texture of the chicken was quite firm and hard so it may have been frozen chicken, but the seasoning and the skin of the chicken was roasted nicely.
The chips were fried just right and they were the crinkle cut type of chips.

Hungarian beef with rice:
This tasted similar to the vegetable soup but with a thicker and stronger tasting sauce.
There were lots of celery and vegetables in the dish to balance it out.
This is always served in Chinese style western restaurants which I do not know why but it is slightly different to the real ghoulash.
For $48 it is certainly a great deal for the locals, I hope to see them have an English menu in the future and hope to try their other dishes.

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