Friday, March 29, 2013

Frankly portion size varies with different people

Shop: The Frank (Admiralty)

Went to get froyo again at The Frank because they serve froyo from yo mama as well.

Had the hazelnut first and felt like having more so got the green tea froyo.

Hazelnut froyo with ginger mochi:

My first cup of froyo was good because it was my favourite hazelnut flavour, it was thick and creamy with strong hazelnut taste.
The mochi was good as well, it was soft and chewy with a hint of ginger.
The ginger mochi is slightly brown in colour.
The above was served by the female staff.

Male and female staff @ yo MAMA
Green tea froyo with plain mochi:

After the lovely froyo I decided to get another cup but this time I chose Green Tea.
It was served by the guy and he gave me so much more froyo than the stingy girl.
Anyway, the green tea did not taste as nice as the hazelnut because the milky flavour tasted a bit off.
The mochi on the other hand was good.

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