Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chipping in for new items on the menu!!!

Chip In Fish & Chips (Sai Kung)

After the CNY I was back for more fish and chips because they have put more popular items on the menu that was not previously there.

salt and vinegar at the counter! yay~
The new items are:
*battered sausage
*mushy peas
*cheese and pickle sandwich

The great thing is that the prices have not gone up much.
The only slight bad news is that their Chip supplier have run out of chips so they are currently using an American supplier and the chips taste slightly different.
It is only temporary, so when their Belgium supplier is back I will get a chip butty with curry sauce.
Seafood basket:

As well as fish and chips, this was also my favourite, because it was literally a skewer with prawn, fish and squid dunked in batter and deep fried with the skewer in it.
I liked the skewer because the pieces are smaller and easier to eat.
It would be good if they had fish bites (pieces of fish in batter) for kids.
Mushy peas:

The mushy peas were scrumptious because they did not have mint mixed in it and they tasted fresh.
The colour was the natural green pea colour you would normally see and it was not the dark leafy green that you get in the usual mushy peas that come from the can.
The ingredients in the mushy peas were simple, it was milk, salt, pepper and butter and the quality of the peas tasted like the lovely Green giant brand which are famous for plump and sweet peas.

Since they were hand mushed there were a few peas that were not mushed adding to the lovely texture because they would burst with sweetness and they do not have that starchy texture that I do not like.

Although these chips were the American brand, they tasted ok because they were fried just right.
They were soft inside and crispy on the outside.
Compared to the the Belgian brand, the Belgian ones are sweeter and not that hollow inside.
I am so glad they have salt and vinegar at the counter so you can add more when needed.
Cheese and pickle sandwich:

ere was generous pickle in the dusted soft bap with sliced cheese, it was not cheddar which is a good alternative for vegetarians.
It was similar to the cheese and pickle sandwich I had at FLAME in Wan Chai.
Anyway I can't wait to come back for more food.

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