Monday, March 04, 2013

Organic heaven for Vegetarians at Moon Street

Maya Cafe is lovely place for Vegetarian food that is organic.

As well as being Vegetarian, I love their variety especially their juices and Mediterranean fare.

I found out about this cafe through a friend who saw it on a local newspaper, so we went to check it out before actually dining there.

At the moment, the cafe is quite basic because they are in trial operations.

They intend to sell organic goods later.

There is home grown wheatgrass too for their drinks.

I was quite hungry that day so I ordered the Mezze platter which had all my favourites.
It had hummus, baba ganoush, feta cheese and olives.

The hummus was delicious and the baba ganoush too, some might find it bland but I thought it was nice, they give you lemon as well to make it more appetizing.

The bread that came with it was flat and perfect for dipping with the hummus and baba ganoush and the olives give it extra saltiness.Lastly I had the feta cheese which is the best I have ever tried because it was so moreish.

As well as the Mezze platter, I ordered a drink as well.

There were three drinks that caught my eye and it was hard deciding which one to get:
eye opener: carrot, celery and fennel.
raw energry: tomato, cabbage and parsley
hangover express: broccoli, apple and spinach.

In the end I got the hangover express because not many places have broccoli in juices.

The taste was really nice and a good detox for the body, whilst there is a lot of calcium and iron in the spinach.

While I was there, Mina and Tina let me sample some of their other foods which were also delicious and one of them was so good I ended up getting it for takeaway.

First I tried Dal of the day, which was rich lentils with spices, the typical Indian food but it delicious and not too spicy.

Next I tried my favourite falafel and vegetarian croquettes.

The falafel contained lots of pulses and was really substantial with lots of protein, whilst the vegetable croquette was softer with sweetcorn, peas, carrots and potatoes.

To go with these snacks, they had tahini which was grounded sesame with lemon which makes it more appetizing and not so dry.

Lastly I tried their sushi which was so delicious that I had to get a full portion.
It was visually stunning and looked like tuna in the middle but it was actually a paste.

The paste was crunchy and filling but there are actually no nuts in the ingredients, I could taste celery, carrots, chinese radish.

For desserts, I tried their gluten free almond meat orange muffin which had extremely strong orange zest taste and lovely and moist.

Then I tried the brown rice pudding with coconut milk and almond.
This was my favourite and if I wasn't full I would have ordered the full portion because it tasted like the rice pudding I had as a kid.
It was so creamy and the orange blossom water in it made it so dreamy.
This rice pudding is Mediterranean and served at celebrations for a new baby.

After having all that I was really full, but I cannot wait to go back for more Mezze, falafel, sushi and rice pudding.

I can't wait for their future new dishes because they are going to make vegetarian pizzas with a vegetable and nutty base and wraps that are savoury or sweet.
Here is a sample of the wrap they will use.

I would just like to Thank Mina and Tina for the wonderful food and hospitality and I love their teddy bear gift as well.

Address of Maya Cafe:
5 Moon Street
Wan Chai
Tel: 2529 3319

But I will be back again for the brunch and lunch deal again too because it is really good and it has all my favourites included such as juices, pudding and the Mezze.

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