Sunday, March 03, 2013

三叔's Gado Gado sauce

三叔小食 (筲箕灣)
Toko Terang Bulan

I was in the area again so decided to get the tossed noodles and try the fish shaomai in Gado Gado sauce.

Tossed noodles:

The noodles tasted as good as my first visit:
The roast pork and pork strips were lean but not dry.
The Jook-sing noodles did not have an alkaline taste and they were lovely and soft and tasted really nice with the pork slices and spring onions. The prawn patty slices were the best because they were slighty crispy.
Usually I do not like the beanshoots, but the beanshoots here were really nice, each beanshoot was plump and juicy and there was no grassy taste.
The sauce was very spicy.
Fish shaomai in Gado Gado sauce:

The fish shaomai were the usual ones served in Gado Gado sauce which was why I tried them.
The sauce contained a lot of peanuts and lemon grass, and it was very spicy.

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