Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Ramen @ Hakata Ippudo

Shop: Hakata Ippudo

Went to Ippudo for a light meal and chose My Ramen.

My Ramen basically lets you choose the broth, type of noodles and extras.

My Ramen:

I chose the Bonito and pork broth with hakkata noodles.
This option is quite good if you do not eat meat.
The noodles were hard just as I requested and the Bonito and pork broth complemented it nicely.
There was pickled ginger and crushed garlic to enhance the noodles too.


There is a promotion at the moment and you get a sticker for the designated noodle ordered, once the stamp card is filled you can get a free Ramen.
Terms and conditions please see the stamp card.

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