Thursday, March 07, 2013

Six good friendsの六樓后座@六座雲吞店

6座雲吞麵 (佐敦)
Six Noodle

I do not usually go for Wonton noodles but went here with some friends.

While we were going to order, they asked the waitor so many questions and he was surprisingly patient and willing to answer us which is rare in Hong Kong.

Apart from that, I loved the simplicity at this joint, the Chinese characters were really cute, they were all designed to look like SMILES.

The other handwritten menu was nice and simple too.

Wonton noodles:

The noodles were quite nice and the portion was big for $2X.
Satay sauce:

The satay sauce was the best.
It does not taste like the usual sweet satay sauces.
It was strong and tasted a little bit like curry and it was really nice adding it to the noodles.
Single boned chicken wings:

These chicken wings were impressive because the larger bone had been removed making it easier to eat.
The chicken wings were dusted with dessicated coconut.
While we halfway through the food, the owner found out that one of our friend's friend knows them, and they gave us more chicken wings.

The experience eating here was fun and there were six of us as well which reminded me of the film Sixth floor rear flat (六樓后座).

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