Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gigantic sized croissants, hotdogs and sandwiches

Gloria Jean's Coffees:
3/F, Macau Ferry Terminal and Helport, Porto Exterior

This was not on my eat list for the Macau trip but I happened to be hungry so I just grabbed the croissant for a light snack.

This coffee joint is easily missed because when you arrive in Macau, the first thing you want to do is get to where your going.

It is probably discovered by people leaving Macau when they have missed their ferry and bored waiting.

Their hotdog was rather cute, it was labelled HOT CAT

When I was choosing what to eat, I was shocked by the sizes of the hotdogs, sandwiches and croissants.
You have to physically see them to or you won't believe how big they are.

Huge croissant:

The croissant was heated, but it was not that warm in the centre.
It tasted quite nice and the taste of the croissant was quite buttery.
As well as Macau they have Gloria Jean's Coffees in Singapore as well.

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