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The Eden Rose that flourishes at Circle Plaza

The Eden Rose that flourishes at Circle Plaza Mar 27, 2013
Eden Rose Restaurant 

Eden Rose (Rosa 'Eden') @}-,-`------- is a light pink and white climbing rose which is much prettier than the common rose in my point of view.

Ever since I saw the tasting reviews I was hoping to try it and luckily I was on their invitation list.

When I arrived, I was greeted with some nice chandeliers.

The decor of the restaurant was really nice and couture, it was black and red with matching patterned wallpaper.
The sofa at the far end was red and covered in velvet with sparkling bling sofa buttons.

After settling down, we were given the tasting menu with a difficult choice because they were all the items I wanted to try but we shared it so I tried everything.
Garlic bread with tomato chutney:
The garlic bread was really nice and the tomato chutney that came with it was a nice pairing, it was similar to having a tomato foccacia.
Apart from garlic there were other herbs on the bread which gave it a fragrant taste, the tomato chutney was mixed with delicious basil leaves.

Foie gras toast:
The foie gras was nice and creamy and the caramelized apple garnishing gave the palate a lovely sweetness after finishing the foie gras.
The apple was presented really nice with golden caramelized coating on it.

Lobster ravioli with lobster sauce:
The ravioli looked really nice and it was covered with rich lobster sauce.
The ravioli filling could be improved slightly because it was rather firm, it reminded me of the sliced lobster balls wrapped in ravioli pastry.
[I felt that they were the lobster version of fishballs which are made with grounded fish and flour].
Despite the firm filling, the lobster sauce made up for it.

Cream of black trufflle:
The truffle soup was really rich and had quite a fair amount of finely diced mushrooms in it.

Lobster bisque:
The lobster bisque was strong and had a strong crustacean taste.
It tasted similar to the lobster sauce on the ravioli but it was not as strong as that.

Crab risotto with black truffle:
The crab risotto was presented beautifully on some small pebbles and the truffle was served separately which was good because you could taste the risotto alone.
The risotto tasted good with or without the truffle. The risotto was rich and had a hint of cheese which had a chalky hard texture packed with lots of crabmeat.
After the truffle was added, the risotto did not taste so heavy and the truffle added a hint of saltiness to it.

NZ rib eye steak with baked potato and green salad:
The steak was juicy and the gravy that came with it complemented it very well because it had freshly grounded black pepper.
The baked potato was done nicely because the insides of the potato were scooped out and mashed so that it was nice and soft and evenly flavoured after it was baked.

Roasted seabass filet in mixed vegetable stock:
The seabass was cooked just right and the texture was delicate.
It was surrounded in delicious vegetable soup, sliced asparagus, celery, onions, fennel and other vegetables.
The combination of the soup and seabass was great because it made the fish stand out while the soup kept it hot and moist.
It similar to eating a light version of fish bouillabaisse.

Creme brulee:
The creme brulee was really nice because it was light and the sweetness was just right.

Chocolate parfait:
It was fun pouring the chocolate sauce on top melting the parfait.
The taste of the chocolate was rich too because they used Valhrona chocolate.

There were lots of choices for coffee/latte and cappuccino which were delectable for everyone.
I really liked the concept of Eden Rose because for their a la Carte menu, you can make it a set or just order any items a la carte to your liking which is a win win situation for the restaurant and the customers because the customer is not forced to get unwanted/disliked items on the menu which acts as a filler and the restaurant can still get revenue without the customer leaving because the menu is not flexible.

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