Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soups @ Hana-musubi

Soups at Hana-musubi Mar 19, 2013
Hana-musubi (Wan Chai)

On my last visit, the musubis and soup were great and I have been back for it.

However on this visit, it was late in the day, so the soup had been in the pot for the whole day and it got a bit concentrated and lumpy so the taste was too salty.

My previous visit at Hana-musubi:

(On my previous visit, the chicken soup looks much nicer on the photo)

Homemade lobster soup:

The lobster soup was to strong and salty.
Chicken and collagen soup:

The chicken soup was also too concentrated and lumpy and it tasted slightly sour.
The vegetables in it were too mushy.

Although the soups were not good this time, the customer service was still good and friendly.

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