Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blended strawberry & apple juice @ Mr Fruit

Mr Fruit (San Po Kong)

During the winter, this Juice bar serves hot Chinese soup.

The logo and decor is quite attractive with white fonts and sliced fruits that represent the DOTS.

Ordered the Freshly blended Strawberry and apple juice.

They tried to recommend the Asian Pear and strawberry but I do not like Asian pears so I stuck to my choice.

Apple and strawberry juice:

The colour of this blended juice was quite nice, it was redder than my expectation.
They CLAIM that it is unsweetened but you can actually taste syrup in it.
Despite the fact they claim it is unsweetened, they still put a tiny amount so that it does not taste so sour in the bid that the customers will come back.
Overall the taste was quite nice but I did not like the artificial sweetness.

Next time I will probably try the blueberry and apple or another combination.

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