Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hakata Ippudo now at Kowloon Bay

一風堂 (九龍灣)

Thanks to Ippudo and the communications team for inviting me to their Blogger's party.

IPPUDO (HK) has extended its footprint to the Kowloon East area. Located really close to the MTR exit at Kowloon Bay station.

They have just launched two more specialty ramens from different Japanese prefectures – Sapporo and Tokyo.

That night they had their guest chef talk about their new ramens.


This was an appetizing medley of spicy beanshoots and pork.
The saltiness of the pork tasted really nice with the beanshoots.
Sapporo Miso - $68:

Immersed in a rich chicken broth infused with flavorful Sapporo miso, these curly noodles make for a solid meal. Topped with lean slices of pork, minced pork, butter and bamboo shoots, each and every bite is filled with seasoning and substance.
These noodles were great to have on a cold day, the noodles are kept really hot underneath the layer of oil.
The soup adheres to these curly noodles giving it maximum taste and the butter gives it a nice salted taste with smoothness.

The rich soup and spring onion elements make it really addictive.
Tokyo Seafood Tonkotsu - $88:

The Tokyo special includes a fish broth made from a combination of skipjack and scad fish, combining IPPUDO’s homemade signature Tonkotsu with soft-boiled egg, lean slices of pork, bamboo shoots, spinach making Tokyo Seafood Tonkotsu a supreme ramen. Due to anticipated popularity, the ramen is now available at IPPUDO in Kowloon Bay, Admiralty, Central and Causeway Bay.

The seafood soup was delightful too especially for people who would prefer a lighter option. The taste of fish in the broth was stronger than I expected but goes well with the pork broth.
The fish broth is added at the last minute so that it keeps it strong taste in the soup.
The soft boiled egg was delicious and the yolk was thick.
There was spinach in the ramen too.
Ippudo pork bun:

This was two pieces of thinly sliced pork and lettuce sandwiched in a white bun, the sauce that they used was really nice.
Pumpkin and cinnamon brulee:

I really liked this brulee because it had pumpkin and it was not too sweet.
There were hints of cinnamon in it too and the texture of brulee was smooth and velvety.

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