Sunday, March 03, 2013

Lounge out with breakfast at The Green Lounge

The Green Lounge

Thanks to 糖小妹 and The Green Lounge for inviting me to try their innovative dishes.

When I first saw their burgers filled with instant noodles I knew this place was going to be different.

Located in Sheung Wan on the corner of a quiet road, this is the perfect place to crash out and have breakfast.

They serve all day breakfast and a wide variety of drinks.
Most of their breakfasts come with a choice of breakfast tea or Earl grey tea which is a perfect end to breakfast.

The design of their menu was also very calming and therapeutic to look at.

The decor of this place was simple and relaxing.

The Premium all day breakfast:

Waffles, American potatoes, egg, strawberries, salmon, salad.
Overall the breakfast was really good because it was healthy, the strawberries were red and sweet, the salad was very simple without being over drenched with sauces, the potatoes and salmon were unseasoned.
The Classic benedict:

Parma ham, poached eggs, grilled tomato and strawberries.
Compared to the all day breakfast, this one tasted better because the egg yolk and the muffin were a perfect match along with the flavourful parma ham.
Green tea latte:

As well as the green tea latte they had fruit latte which I found interesting, but in the end I tried their green tea latte because they recommended it.
The green tea taste was strong and slightly bitter, however it was a bit too sweet.

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