Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Farewell North Point's Yat Woon Min

My last meal at Yat Woon Min, Au Revoir Mar 27, 2013
Yat Woon Min (North Point)
Tried this place one last time before they open at a new location.

I tried more items that day then I ever did before!

Carbonated lime drink:
The lime juice was mixed with soda water, however the lime was not strong enough.
I think I needed more lime.

Julienne vegetables:
The vegetables were nice and sweet with a tad of spicyness from the dried tofu shreds.
It was a nice mix of yellow peppers, green peppers, red peppers, beanshoots sprinkled with sesame.

Beef cheeks:
Soft and tender lean beef chunks.

Spicy black fungas and Chinese radish:
The spicyness was quite mild but it was flavoured with sichuan peppercorns which slowly numbs your tongue.
The chinese radish in this was nice and sweet.

Other dishes I tried:


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