Monday, March 11, 2013

McDonalds : McCurry Burger Hong Kong

WARNING: The McCurry burger is really spicy!

Tried the new McCurry burger and it was spicier than I thought it would be!!
So be warned.

McCurry burger:
The McCurry burger is spiked with tumeric, chili, black pepper and cloves.
It is a quarter pounder topped with McCurry sauce and diced onions.
Basically the burger was REALLY spicy and this was the spiciest burger I have tried at McDonald's and it was even spicier than the chili hot wings.
There is a MEGA McCurry too which has a double quarter pounder patty.
Iced Fresh lemon tea:
Basically this was plain red tea served with lemon slices in it with a separate tub of syrup.
The bitterness of the lemon rind made the tea really bitter and the tea itself was quite bitter.
Although this was too spicy for my liking I would love to try the burgers at the McDonalds in India such as the McPaneer.

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