Thursday, March 07, 2013

A wonderful cookie assortment @ Cookie Galerie

曲奇薈 (上環)
Cookie Galerie

Thanks to 糖小妹 for these cute cookies.

She gave me the Tea box selection which has the following inside:
Rose, Lavender, green tea, coffee, chocolate, oat and fig.

As well as the Tea box selection, Cookie Galerie also do a Nut selection, Chocolate selection and Chinese selection with Momordica fruit cookies.
They even do Palmier's with flossy pork and Sweet osmanthus.

Tea box selection:

The cookies were really cute and colourful with different shapes.
The sweetness was just right and oat and fig was the best because it was nice and sweet.
The green tea was nice and the green tea flavouring was not too grassy and visually I liked the colour.

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