Thursday, March 07, 2013

Misocool i-s-o-oily

Misocool (將軍澳)

The first time I dined at Misocool was at their first branch in Quarry Bay.

After that visit, I did not dine at Misocool again until they had froyo at their isquare branch.

I was surprised to see that they have a new branch at MetroCity because it is located in the suburban side of the city.
Although recently there has been so many new restaurants opening at Metro city such as Pasta Marche and Spaghetti 360.

I only tried it this time because of their new dishes.

Frankly the earlier menu at Quarry Bay was quite limited and served mainly noodles.

Now they have western dishes, froyo and lots of other snacks and the prices were not as expensive as it used to be.

The tables and decor are much nicer at this branch in comparison with Quarry Bay.

Mixed spaghetti with stir-fried garlic beef $48:

This was quite cheap for $48.
I liked the mix of squid ink spaghetti and ordinary spaghetti. It was quite nice to start of because the garlic taste was strong, however the beef did not taste that fresh.

After finishing the spaghetti, I realised they put so much oil in it.

Grilled fish filet with scrambled cheese and Japanese rice:

The grilled fish was a piece of salmon and it tasted extremely fishy and the fish was quite dry.

The rice was not cheesy and tasted very milky and creamy.

The peppers and onions ruined it because it tasted stronger than the rice in cream sauce.
Hokkaido milk Froyo float with cream soda and popping boba:

Lastly the drink was the best because froyo is not as sweet as ice-cream so it tastes really nice when you mix it with the cream soda.
As a personal preference, I would prefer the drink without the popping boba balls because they taste really artificial and syrupy.

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