Sunday, March 03, 2013

Strawberry cake at McCafe

McCafe headquarters at North Point
Strawberry cake:

Out of all the cakes I have seen at McCafe, this must have been the simplest cake with just cream, sponge cake, strawberry jam and garnished with half a strawberry on top.

The taste of this one was quite nice, it was soft sponge with cream and a hint of strawberry from the jam filling in the middle.

This cake is nice and simple for the afternoon with a cup of tea.
Trainer or Trainee?:
When I ordered, the guy in the black shirt was being trained and I gave him a difficult task while he was on training because I wanted the outermost cake because the strawberry was more ripe.
He was instructed to take the whole plate of cakes out because he was not sure how to get it.
It was then that I noticed his badge said "Trainer" when it should have been "Trainee".

Food studio and McDonalds employment centre:
After eating the cake, I was on my way out when I noticed that their Food studio and McD's recruitment centre are located here.


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