Friday, March 22, 2013

ஜ Seaweed ╬ Chocolate ⇨ Seaweed Chocolate ஜ

I have always wanted to go Che Che New York but the confectionary is well hidden!
From the front of the shop and the entrance it appears to be a boutique selling handbags, so unless the bags catch your eyes it is easily missed.

I was attracted by the wrapper for this chocolate bar and it turns out to be seaweed so that was why I got it.
After reading some of the reviews they have other interesting flavours such as chocolate with chili and chocolate with jerky!!
All with nicely designed wrappers with nice illustrations.
Seaweed Chocolate:
Before I broke a piece of chocolate I thought it was just seaweed essence in the chocolate or bits of seaweed embedded in it but when i broke it I was astonished to find layers of it in the middle!

The texture of this chocolate was interesting because it was like eating chocolate wafers.
The chocolate on the outside is gradually melted and swallowed leaving the crispy seaweed.

The taste was quite nice because it was dark chocolate so it was not very sweet with a sudden contrast of saltiness from the seaweed.
The seaweed taste was not that prominent but you could feel it was there because of its crispiness and melt in your mouth texture just like a wafer.
Wrapper and labelling:
Interesting to see that it contains tuna and shrimp!!

Cute puffin!


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