Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet and sour chicken @ Sengdim

Havent had this for a while so decided to get the Sweet and sour chicken because it was new on the menu.

The average price of their set lunch has gone up from $38 to $40 which now includes a soup.

For some lunches the portion size has gone down and they now put the food in flat card boxes.
Soup: Chinese style soup

Sweet and sour chicken:The chicken was rather artificial and it was marinated in soda flour for a quite a long time because it was too soft.
There was no chicken taste and it almost tasted like frozen chicken.
The sweet and sour sauce was slightly too sweet and it was really oily.

Mixed rice:
The rice was a bit yellow today but it was still soft and delicious.
If all fails at least rice tastes ok!


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