Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting refuelled with piri sauce for full FLAME

Flame (Wan Chai)

Since my last visit, there are new items on the menu...

I could eat here everyday!

They now have bottles of chili sauce on every tables, there are three different types, the green one tastes the best but I don't know why they don't have it now on the tables after I took the picture.
The bright red sauce tastes slightly sweet and spicy, while the darker red sauce has a spicy bean taste to it.

They now serve breakfasts, mighty melts and poutine.


It was quite amusing when I ordered this because no one has ordered it before.
When I asked for it, the lady was quite puzzled, so then I said "you know..poutine, its on your menu", she was like, "I don't know".
When I collected it, it was basically melted cheese on fries, they forgot to give me the chicken gravy as stated on the menu
I was really looking forward to that.
Overall, the fries were quite nice with melted cheese but it was missing the delicious gravy.
Beef and mushroom pie:

The beef and mushroom pie was delicious and it was filled with rich beef gravy with big chunks of tender beef.
The pastry was baked just right and not too soft.

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