Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back for my favourite French baguettes @ Chez meli melo

Chez Meli Melo (Sheung Wan)

Located right next to La Rotisserie lies this really nice baguette shop.

This joint is a popular pick for the French and expats who want to sink their teeth in a real baguette.

Parisien - Ham and guerkins:

With an authentic baguette and nice fillings nothing can go wrong.
This time I tried the Parisien which had ham and guerkins and it was great because the saltiness of the ham and the refreshing guerkins were a perfect match.
However it would taste nicer if the baguette was warmer.
Pumpkin and black pepper soup:

This was complimentary from the owner and it tasted really nice because it had freshly cracked black pepper in it and the taste of pumpkin was natural and unsweetened.
Chocolate cake:

The chocolate cake was delicious.
It was moist chocolate cake on the outside with soft chocolate filling in the centre that was not too sweet.

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