Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheesy toast and Cheesy options!

Shop: Bake&Bite

I rarely go to the North end of Prince Edwards, so this time I gathered 3-4 places I wanted to try around that area:
Lan Yuen Chee Koon, Roadside, Bake & Bite and Ueno Bakery & Enzyme.

I planned this eating spree because of this place and Roadside for Western food.
There are not many choices for good Western food in the Mong Kok area.

I was attracted to this place because of the cheesy toast and pies.

This joint is located on the busy main road with lots of air pollution and smokers and the bad thing about this joint is that there is seating so you need to find a place in MK to eat it!
There is a sitting area round the corner but it is also a pissing corner for people to piss.

Interesting sandwich (NOT)
It has Cheese, JAM and ham! (sounds American)

Toastie with swiss cheese and liver sausage:

Basically you choose a bread, choose a cheese and choose a filling.
You can add extra cheese for $3 I think.
I was quite annoyed because I tried to add extra cheese but they only let you add the same cheese you chose which is not flexible.
For the choice of cheese there was cheddar, Swiss and Monterrey jack.
The liver sausage was interesting which was why I tried it but ideally ham would be a better match with cheese.

The toastie was actually quite delicious and the liver sausage had herbs in it.
I just wish for improvements they could let you choose a different cheese when you order the double cheese because all they do is put the cheese slices in the sandwich and toast it.
So what difference does it make having two different slices of cheese or two slices of the same cheese because all they do is toast it.
Its not going to mess up their toaster!!!!!!!!!!!Time for me make my own with a Breville toaster!!!!!!
Lemon Tea:
Too sweet and syrupy!


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