Sunday, March 03, 2013

Weekdays semi-lunch buffet @ BLT Steak

BLT Steak (尖沙咀)
Previously came here for lunch during the weekend which was good so came back on a weekday because it is cheaper.

After I ordered the duck confit salad croissant, the popovers were brought over.

The popovers were not as good as the first visit because they had not risen properly.
Duck confit salad croissant:

The duck was nice but the sauce was too creamy and made it sickly and the croissant was quite hard.
For the salad section, there was more choice and they had butter lettuce.
The orange and chicory salad was really refreshing.

My last review on this place was negative because there were flies, and on this visit these flies were still there ( a month later ) and one stopped by my table for a photo.

Apart from the fly, the restaurant is quite nice.


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