Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wong Kee desserts not Wong Kee noodles

王記糖水 (北角)
This dessert shop is really famous in North Point and there are always queues of people there for dessert or takeaways.

As I am not a fan of Chinese desserts, I never went because they only serve red beans, green beans, and the choice there is very basic and traditional.

Anyway, finally tried it and I tried the dumplings.

Sesame dumplings in sweet potato soup:

This was a small portion so there were five dumplings and very big too.
The dumpling skin was very thick and hot, the sesame filling inside oozed out when you bit into it.
The sweet potato soup was better than my expectation because it was not that sweet and it tasted savoury.
In UK, there is also a Wong Kee but they are famous for Wonton noodles and Hor fun.
Basically this is where all the Chinese expats go when they get homesick for Chinese noodles in London.
I did not go to Wong Kee's much in UK because I do not really like that type of food and it has a reminiscence of Hong Kong's restaurant, ie impatient staff.
However the restaurant is slightly cleaner now after it was renovated because there was a fire a few years ago.

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