Monday, March 04, 2013

Hazelnut and chocolate froyo @ Yo Mama

Yo Mama (灣仔)

Since my last visit, there are now six branches of Yo Mama in Hong Kong with Wan Chai being their first branch.

I have not had a froyo for a long time because I have been bored of the flavours especially at Yo Mama because they only had original and green tea.

This time they had hazelnut and chocolate froyo which was the reason I why I came.

The toppings were unchanged and the variety was the roughly the same as before with fruit, cereal, sweets etc.

The decor of this froyo joint was the same as my first visit and the sitting area lighting was really dark.

I chose the green tea mochi and realised there was a jar of meringues as well so I got the meringues.
The hazelnut chocolate froyo was really nice because it was really thick and viscous and the taste of chocolate was not powdery.
The meringes were cute and colourful and not too sweet, whilst the green tea mochi was deliciously soft and chewy.


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