Saturday, March 30, 2013

Basic Instinct at Hotpot Instinct

Shop: Hotpot Instinct (North Point)

Came here with some fellow foodies who were trying this place.

Before you start your hotpot, there are about nine condiments and vinegars for you to mix your desired sauce.

Deep fried salt and pepper salmon:
Quite nice but too salty.

Chicken testees:
These were the biggest I have seen in all the restaurants I have tried.

Squid ink noodles:
As well as squid ink they had salmon.
The texture of these noodles were very foamy and light, however the squid taste was not strong.

Carrot and sugarcane drink:

The sweetness was just right but the raw carrot taste was extremely strong, so not for people who do not like raw carrots.


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