Monday, March 04, 2013

Madam Chow LAH for SingMalay food

周太 (灣仔)

Saw this new restaurant listed on OpenRice and it was classified as Singaporean so I decided to check it out but I never got round to it until recently because it takes an effort to walk over there.

I finally went because I had tasting that day nearby.

When I saw it listed, it reminded me of Madam Lim's Laksa in Shau Kei Wan because of the Madam in the name and they both serve fried chicken wings in prawn paste.

However 林太叻沙xo魚湯米綫專門店 Madam Lim's Laksa has closed down.

This restaurant stands out because of the sheer black and chequered tiles, and the logo is interesting too because they have put the Chinese characters in the letter O of the CHOW.

Inside the restaurant, it was nice and simple with black tables and chairs, the menu is written on the chalkboards.

They have afternoon tea sets, lunch sets and all day sets.

I ordered the noodles, baguettes and chicken wings.
Malacca baguette with sardines:

I was not sure what this was going to be like but it looked interesting so I got it.
When it was served it was two pieces of toast with sardines, lettuce, and thousand island dressing.

The baguette was sliced horizontally into slices which made thin like a toast.
The sardine tasted different because it did not taste like the canned ones with tomatoes.
The fish was really silky, soft and boneless and it had been slightly pan fried with a crispy texture and the salad sauce and lettuce complimented it nicely making it an ideal afternoon snack.
Deep fried chicken wings marinated in prawn paste:

The prawn paste smell and taste was not as strong as I was expecting, but the overall taste was really nice.
The coating of the wings was really crisp and there was a hint of sweetness as well.
There was a side of julienne cucumbers to cool your tongue after eating the fried chicken wings.
Instant noodles in satay sauce with squid:

The satay sauce was slightly too salty but overall it was delicious with the noodles, however I felt that the soy sauce in the noodles were not necessary because the satay sauce was strong enough.
The squid was nice and soft and tasted nice with the satay sauce which had a nice strong peanut taste.
Ginger milk tea:

This was surprisingly nice because the ginger was not strong, but I did not like it because it tastes similar to Chinese milk tea which is not my cup of tea.
Malaysian tea:

Again not my cup of tea because it is similar to Chinese milk tea.
There is nothing wrong with the tea, but I have never liked the Asian milk tea.

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