Monday, March 04, 2013

Vietnamese Butterlicious fried chicken at KFC

I went to KFC to try their new Vietnamese Butter chicken which is meant to be Vietnamese style.

They had the set for $38.6 which includes a Japanese curry, two pieces of chicken, Portuguese tart and drink.

At the time of ordering, they did not have any Vietnamese Butter chicken or Portuguese tarts so the chicken had to be freshly fried and the Portugese tarts were from a fresh batch.

I was actually quite glad they ran out of Vietnamese butter chicken because the fresh batch should taste nicer.

Vietnamese Butter chicken:
When it came, the smell of butter was strong.
It reminded me of the the cheese one they had earlier because there was some yellow coloured powder on the coating.

The chicken was fried just right and extremely hot because it was just taken from the fryer.
The chicken inside was juicy and soft.

The overall taste was really nice because you could taste the butter and garlic on the coating but the intensity of the garlic was not as strong as the type that you get in garlic bread.
Japanese curry and rice:

It was the standard Japanese curry sauce with diced vegetables served on rice.
The reason I liked it was because they did not use the pearl rice.
Portuguese tart:

The tart filling was very soft as expected because it had been freshly baked.
There was nothing wrong with the Portuguese tarts but they are just not my cup of tea.
A drink was included and it was surprisingly fizzy because the ones I get from KFC are usually flat!

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