Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My ideal afternoon tea

Since Shortbread Teas closed, I haven't had a decent meal or tea.

Recently discovered The Cabin and got my comfort food!
Within two weeks I was back for the tea.
There were two menus when I got there, the Classic English Afternoon Tea Set and the afternoon tea sets.

It was such a headache deciding because the tea sets had filet o fish burger and chips, pies and the other Classic English tea set was irresistible.
In the end I went for the Classic English tea set because I am going to come back for the other options.

There were three tiers and it had all the things I could possibly want which is too good to be true and I seriously mean it because other places put crap together and half of the items are not really English or too sweet.

**On the top tier, there was my favourite TRIFLES and lovely homemade tarts including the tartlet base.

**Then the second tier had cheese scones and cranberry scones with jam and CLOTTED CREAM!

**The bottom tier had sandwiches, the highlight was the roast beef with horseradish and crackers with PORTOBELLO mushrooms and not cheap local mushrooms!

I had a pot of Earl Grey tea because you just have to have tea!

Started with the bottom tier first and had the salmon and tomato cherry sandwiches which were lovely, then I moved on to the toasted prawn and crab sandwiches which were creamy and delicous.
The beef and horseradish baguette slice which was the star because it was a tasty slice of beef covered in creamy horseradish sauce.

Finished with the crackers which were aromatic because the truffle and portobello mushrooms were earthy and fragrant.
After finishing the bottom tier, I moved onto the scones!
I love scones and they were crumbly and delicious with the clotted cream and jam.
The cheese could have been cheesier.

After scoffing the scones, it was the sweet tier!
I loved the tartlets because their homemade tartlet base is just right, not too hard or sweet.
There was a blueberry tart and a lemon tart. The lemon tart was my favourite because it had a really thin slice of apple which gave it a lovely crisp texture and a subtle apple tone with the lemon.
The banoffee pie was lovely because the toffee taste is prominent and I love the crisp chewy base with fresh bananas and cream on top.
I saved the trifle last because it was my favourite, the trifle had lovely layers of custard, sponge, strawberry and jelly at the bottom.


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