Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Om ॐ OM Sweet Home

Discovered this place after visiting the new bowling place.

Noticed it was a vegetarian joint so went.

The menu had snacks and drinks but it didn't have a price so I asked how much and she said feel free to donate which I did.

They also sell vegetarian items as well and they are trying to convey the message Love the environment, love life and be a vegetarian.

I liked the cookies which were not too sweet and because they were vegetarian, they did not have that weird buttery taste.

The wheat rolls tasted like pork scratchings.

For drinks I had the pineapple and peach tea which had a nice tart aftertaste.

Also tried some other snacks which were nice and crispy.
They were impressive because they were cooked by an airfryer so no oil was used!

There is a bottle of lucky stars and each one has a message.

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