Saturday, September 19, 2015

KFC headquarters in Hong Kong

Previously this used to be Burger King but it packed up.
I was attracted by the new dai pai dong chicken so went there for it.

The breakfast looks good but too early for me.

The layout of this branch is a bit different, it is bigger and the counter is right at the entrance separated from the food collection counter.

I liked this branch because there was no queue.
The decor is nice and some of the seats remind me of Nintendo.

Burning logs


Some displays in the glass cabinet but not related to KFC.

Downstairs, there is a toilet and an entrance to KFC recruitment and training centre.

Dai Pai Dong Crispy chicken:

Basically, it was crispy ginger and spring onion chicken.
I liked the gingery taste but I found it too sweet and it tasted like indomie noodles.
$16.5 is a bit expensive for a piece of chicken.
The bill: $16.5

Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
MSG levels: high
Napkins provided: yes
Toilets: yes
Noise levels: None
Glass of water provided: None
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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