Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hindu Curry Restaurant

There are not many curry places in the East side of Hong Kong so this was why we went here.

Apparently, Hin Ho Curry is really famous and serves a good variety of curry.

Started off with Masala poppadoms which were topped with crisp fresh tomatoes and onions that made you hungrier as you ate.

Next we had the samosas which were vegetarian filled with fluffy potatoes and peas.
There is a lamb option as well.

Chicken satay:
Then we had lightly spiced chicken satays which were tender and juicy.

The lamb shank was soft and the lamb came off the bone easily.

To go with the curry, the rotis were perfect because they were soft and light.

The naan was soft and fluffy

We also had my favourite saag paneer which was spinach and cottage cheese, a lightly spiced curry.

I was surprised to see curry crab on the menu but this was very spicy.

These were huge prawns in a sweet and mild curry sauce.

For tandoori, there was a good variety ranging from: chicken, lamb, pork neck meat and squid.

My favourite were the squid and lamb.

The Tandoori squid was my favourite because it was surprisingly springy and tender.

To finish off, there was strawberry lassi which was blended with fresh strawberries but I found it a bit sweet.

Overall the food was ok but service can be slow especially during lunch.
They also have other Asian options to cater for everyone.

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