Thursday, September 10, 2015

J'adore Big Fernand

Came here in March, hence this is an outdated review.

I got the Big Fernand

Big Fernand:

After taking a bite I was delighted because the patty was lean and pure with delicious cheese.

It was so delicious that I got another burger.

Basically they are the fries that I like because they are not crispy and have a sweet aftertaste.
DIY burger:

For the DIY burger, I chose the raclette cheese with chives.

Again, this was good but the raclette does not taste as strong as the cheese in the first burger.
The bill: $1xx
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: Could be better
Napkins provided: yes
Noise levels: None
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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