Monday, September 21, 2015

Retro snacks as well as the famous pizza at 大澳小食

It was an honour and a pleasure to join the Tai O food tour held by Tai O Heritage hotel because we got to try different joints in the lanes of Tai O.

There were three groups so each group tried different routes.
Tai O is a lovely town on water which is themed as a Chinese Venetian with stilt houses on water.
They are also famous for fermented prawn paste.
大澳小食 was one of the shops on our list and I was really chuffed because I have tried it before twice for the Chinese pizza and fried shellfish.

Tai O's yummy chinese crepes n da BEST CHIPS in HK (april 2011)
Your healthy dose of Chitosan and gourmet food (Dec2012)

This time we had the Chinese pizza again which was still delicious as the first two times I had it.
Basically they are similar the the crepes at Mr Bing.

We also had these retro snacks called YAU CHEE that are hard to find in HK these days because no one does them.

I have tried them before but it was at the Tsing Yi opera food stall.

The retro snack here is really good because there is not much batter and the rest is juicy grated Chinese radish and shrimps.

It tasted really nice and reminds me of an Indian Pakora!!
We also tried the fried fish which was 100% edible including the head, bones and tails~

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