Sunday, September 20, 2015

Inexpensive but only one item tasted good at 春心點心專門店

Randomly came here and was greeted by a moody waitor who was not that polite.
He still had an atitude problem when I left and paid because he just slammed the change on the table.

Anyway, sat down and ticked the stuff I wanted and was given the bill where I noticed there was a $3 for the tea but no tea was on the table so I had to ask for it.

Although I don't like their standard pu'er tea, it was nice and hot.
There was a 12% discount because I went there during 2:30-6pm, so all the stuff below came to $88 but only the congee was good.

The dishes came quickly.
Lotus leaf wrapped rice in abalone sauce:

The glutinous rice came first but it was rather hard and barely hot.
Salted pork and preserved veg congee:

Then came the congee which tasted the best because the preserved vegetables were tasty and the salted pork was fresh.
Vegetarian beancurd rolls:

The beancurd rolls were hard and oily and you could taste the oil was rather old.
egg crisps:

The egg crisps were not that good because the oil was old.
Dried shrimp and spring onion rice rolls:

The rice rolls were weird, tasteless and oily.
The bill: $88

Service: crap
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: Could be better
Napkins provided: no
Toilets: no
Glass of water provided: compulsory $3 tea
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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