Saturday, September 12, 2015

Peruvian flavours at El Mercado

I love Peruvian food but there are not many in Hong Kong.
Tried this place because it was new and it serves Peruvian fare.

Here was what we had:
Crispy sweet potatoes:

Started off with these sweet potato crisps which looked the same as crisps, they were hard and sweet.
Grilled beef heart Anticucho marinated in chili corn puree:

I found this tantalizing because there were lots of different flavours going on and there was a strong taste of cumin.
Japanese oyster with lime and squid ink foam:

The oyster was different and I like the way it had dark grey squid ink foam with strong lime that made it appetizing.
Seared beef flank, banana confit, quail egg nigiri:

The rice beneath it was mixed with banana so it was savoury and sweet with a small poached quail egg on top.
ohnibe fish, leche de tigre, sweet potato and crispy calamari rings:

This dish was refreshing as well with bold lime juice and silky pieces of ohnibe fish.
Suckling pig, edamame tacu tacu, nikei chalaca:

The suckling pig was really tender that the texture was more like chicken and the rice beneath it was really similar to thick congee.

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