Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sizzling hot surprises at Maxim's Hong Kong Day

Hong Kong day has done it again!
We were there for the sizzling dishes.

There are four sizzling choices so we tried all four.

We went to the Tai Kok Tsui branch because it is accessible by MTR and the restaurant is spacious.

All the sizzling dishes came with a soothing iced honey and barley drink that was sweet and cooling.

Pork knuckles & egg in ginger & sweetened vinegar with braised red rice with assorted mushrooms, diced chicken & celery $68

I knew I was going to like this because I love pork knuckles stewed in ginger & sweetened vinegar.
Tried the braised rice and it was so tasty because it was flavoured by the chicken and mushrooms contrasted by the crisp fragrant celery.
If you have the pork knuckles with the rice, you get more complexity with sweet and savoury notes.
*I highly recommend this*
pan-fried chicken steak with cheese, stir-fried sweet potato vermicelli with kimchi & sliced pork belly $58

This is the dish for people who like sweet and spicy tastes.
The stir-fried sweet potato vermicelli was exciting because of the Kimchi and the chicken steak was tender, covered in delicious melted cheese.
pork cartilage with cheese, braised shredded beef spaghetti with tomato $58

As well as the rice, this is another one that should be ordered because the stir fried spaghetti has an appetizing tomato flavour with juicy pieces of tomato and tender strips of beef.
The pork cartilage was soft and flavourful.
abalone in oyster sauce, braised red rice with preserved vegetables, pork belly & fish fillet $88:

The abalone was surprisingly big!

This is another filling sizzling dish with fish, abalone and pork belly.


The rice had a strong ginger taste which goes well with the fish and abalone.

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