Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lunch sets at the TABLE

Came here last year for dinner and it was fabulous but it was hard for me to try it again because there are so many new restaurants to try.
Found out that they serve lunch so went there to check it out.
The decor was pretty much the same but it looks really relaxing in the daytime.

For lunch, there is a good range of choices and you get to freely choose what you want.

Here was what I had:
Italian mussel with green tea jelly:

I was given this to start with, which is an Italian mussel on Green tea jelly.
The first item was impressive already because it was a fresh sweet mussel paired with sweet fragrant green tea jelly.
Bread and tomato salsa:

Next was the bread which soft with a lovely yeasty taste.
Seafood tea $68:

For starters, I went for the seafood tea which is slightly different from the usual bouillabaise because it was much lighter yet the taste was strong.
I liked the way, they put aniseed which gives it a mild bitter kick which is similar to that strong taste you get in Chinese herb soups.

The Halibut was tasty with a flakey texture and the clam was sweet and I really appreciated the soup was very hot and kept hot for a while.
Pan-fried rare French duck breast, duck jus $138:

This was a surprise because it was served on a bed of Taro mash! I love taro mash!
The duck was velvety and juicy while the skin on top was crispy.
It was good how they scored the duck skin so that it helps to get the skin crispy when it is pan-fried.

As expected the taro mash was really thick and fragrant, a better substitute to potato because the strong flavours of taro pair better with duck.
Apple salted caramel cake, miso ice cream $68:

For dessert I had this caramel cake which was satisfying because its not something I can get at other restaurants.
There was a layer of cake, pineapple, caramel layer with glistening caramel sauce on top.
The best thing was that it was not too sweet but the striking tastes of salted caramel and miso icecream came through enhanced by the salty crispy chorizo pieces on top.

Earl Grey tea:

Finished off with an Earl Grey tea which is always a perfect ending.

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