Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Lucullus Gourmet Shop's Treasure box of moon fest chocolates 2015

I love the new mooncake revolution that breaks the traditional, first they launched snowy mooncakes then the custard filled ones, now they have chocolate mooncakes as well as icecream mooncakes.
The Lucullus mooncake series range from traditional to just chocolates.
I got the Classic Treasure chocolate mooncake gift box which has 14 pieces of chocolate in it with a big chocolate in the middle that represents the mooncake.

The chocolates are great for sharing.

Contents in the box:

[Clockwise from the top left: Dark four brother, Milk pistachio coffee, red autmn leaf corn truffle, milk hazelnut crunch, Lychee truffle mini mooncake, Lotus flower truffle, Milk truffle, star hazelnut praline, dark truffle, Milk almond Lucullus, Green tea truffle, sesame truffle mini mooncake ]
The chocolate mooncake:
Ginger x Milk chocolate : Cranpucchino
The chocolates were enjoyable, especially the green tea truffle, Milk pistachio coffee and the dark truffle.

Other items in this range:

Traditional mooncakes and chocolate:

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