Saturday, September 12, 2015

Haveli Authentic Indian Restaurant

Indian food is my favourite so I can almost eat it everyday.
This time tried Haveli on Tsing fung street.

The decor was nice and the restaurant wias spacious.

Started with crispy and spicy poppadoms.

Ordered the Lamb samosa which was divine because it was finely minced lamb with peas in a rich gravy.

Tried the Tandoori fish tikka which was different because not many places do Tandoori fish, and here it was salmon.
The salmon was flakey flavoured with mild tandoori spices.

For curries had the paneer kadai which is cooked with tomatoes and cheese, I found the tomato sauce really sweet

For rice I chose the spinach and garlic rice because it was lovely and green.
The rice was soft and fluffy.

As well as rice, I had the keema naan (lamb) and amritsari naan (potatoes).

For drinks I had my favourite salty lassi but not everyone likes the salty lassi so I recommend the mango lassi.


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