Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lunch at Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant

It was an honour and a pleasure to join the Tai O food tour held by Tai O Heritage hotel because we got to try different joints in the lanes of Tai O.
Tai O is a lovely town on water which is themed as a Chinese Venetian with stilt houses on water.
They are also famous for fermented prawn paste.
I go to Tai O frequently because there are so many joints to eat with a good variety of snacks but I have never had a meal in these restaurants because I am usually full by then.

Tai O Crossing Boat Restaurant is a restaurant that I have bookmarked to go for the steamed rice with dried seafood.

Here was what we had:
Steamed rice with dried seafood:

I call this the Chinese paella which is sooooooooo yummy because the rice has absorbed all the flavours from the dried seafood especially the dried squid!~
This rice is damn delicious so leave some room for it which is hard because there are so many other temptations at Tai O!!
Tofu and vegetable soup:

This is an amazing soup because the taste is light and there is no msg!
It was pure goodness in it with tofu, tomatoes and seaweed.
Squid cakes:

Springy and delicious.
Roast goose:

I love goose but I can't eat goose anymore because I get acne after eating it.

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