Thursday, September 24, 2015

Breakfast sub from Hong Kong's Subway

Subway is famous for subs, but this time I got a breakfast sub, there are three fillings you can choose: egg and cheese, egg and ham or egg and bacon.
The egg was different to the egg on the product shot!
The one you get is mashed egg mixed in mayonnnaise.

There is the usual choice of sauces but for egg, I felt that salt and pepper were the best choices to go with it.
Overall, it tasted ok, just like the egg and mayo sandwich filling but I would prefer the scrambled egg that was shown on the product shot.
If you have tried the subs in the UK, you wouldn't want to eat the subs from Hong Kong which are laced with MSG and the breakfast subs in Hong Kong are such a joke.
Breakfast subs in the UK:

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