Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Kung Fu Deluxe Dim Sum Hot Pot

Kung Fu started off serving dim sums but now they have Kung Fu hotpots which is basically a hotpot restaurant.

There are two broths which are worth trying, the chicken with sharks fin and the Chiu chow style rice broth which we tried and there is a choice of fish or crab.

After trying the fish, I felt that crab would be a better choice because there are no bones and scales that get in the way when you eat.

As well as broths, they have the much loved beef, dumplings and meat balls and other small dishes to nibble on when you are waiting for your friends.



golden eggs with black fungus

Truffle dumplings

crab sticks

Fish maw


Lucky pouches

Crispy tofu rolls

Crisp sweet Chinese cabbages if you blanch them quickly.

Crispy fried fish skin

The inside of the restaurant looks a bit like an air raid shelter.

They also have their own home made XO Sauce.

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