Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cafe 2 Oyster n Grill

This is a good place for large groups because there were ten of us so we got a long table and they serve a good variety of dishes to share.
Here was what we had.
Mushroom soup with black truffle:

The truffle soup was blended mushrooms with aromatic truffle and it was creamy with an earthy mushroom taste.
Oyster chowder:

This was good because the soup was extremely rich with a strong oyster taste.
Passion fruit and orange tea:

The tea was refreshing on a hot day with wedges of oranges that give you more orange flavour as you drank it.
Canadian crabmeat salad:

This was nice and light paired with juicy orange slices that made it appetizing.
Chicken wings:

These were easy to eat single bone chicken wings.

The clams had a strong garlic taste.
Prawn balls filled with cheese:

These prawn balls had a molten cheesy centre which were a delight and they didn't really need the sauce provided.
Sausage platter:

The platter had a good variety of sausages.
Signature Wild rice:

The rice was fragrant with a hint of coconut and the grains of rice were soft mixed with wild rice.
Linguine with grilled seafood:

The linguine was al-dente in a rich creamy sauce.

The lamb was a bit fat for my liking.
Australian Tomahawk:

The tomahawk was huge and the beef was a bit tough.
Pineapple pizza with icecream:

It was a bit weird having a cheese pizza with icecream even though it was a pineapple pizza because the cheese was savoury.
Chocolate fondant:

The chocolate fondant was hot with molten chocolate in the middle but it was a bit rich.

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