Friday, September 18, 2015

Brunch at Epure

Tried the four course brunch at $398 that is served Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3pm.
Started off with elegant and dainty amuse bouche, followed by bread and butter.

For drinks I had tea because I love tea and it was brewed with tea leaves and not the tea bag.

taboule au homard +$38:
lobster and spelt berry salad, cucumbers and salad leaves

Started off with this refreshing salad of lobster slices on top of finely chopped cucumbers herbs and spelt berries.
The salad was crisp and juicy which was great for whetting the appetite and the herbs were fragrant but not too strong.
la soupe de tomate d'antan:
chilled heirlom tomato veloute, aubergine compote, basil and crispy Nyons olive bread shaving.

The soup was the next appetizer that made us hungrier because the tomato was quite tart while the aubergine compote mellowed it out.
roast chicken:

For the roast chicken, there was white meat and dark meat, both were good especially the white meat which had perfectly roasted skin attached.

The salad which looks simple was plainly nice because there was not much dressing yet it was slightly salted and tasted great.

Finished with this lovely dessert that had light and smooth caramel icecream.
As well as sweet choices, you can also choose cheese because they have famous cheeses from France.

The petit fours had an interesting bite which had marshmallow in the middle coated in chocolate.

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